Mulches & Soils

When you have a landscaped area, there are a number of aspects you have to keep in view. While it’s crucial that you have the right kind of plants and use the right pesticides and fertilizers, the mulches and soils you use, matter a great deal too. These are very important to the success of your gardening project. Even before you plant the saplings or sow the seeds, you would need to properly prepare the garden with the right compost and soil. That is the only way to ensure it gets the nutrition it needs.

It’s common to see properties across Bethlehem, Allentown, Phillipsburg, Fullerton and Northampton that have mulched areas in the landscaping. This isn’t a new concept- in fact even the trees that grow in forests have natural soil cover (mulch) in the form of leaves & pine needles that fall to the ground and get matted together.

Benefits of Using Landscaping Mulches

Today, it’s possible to find different mulches and we have a large number of customers coming in even from Stroudsburg, The Poconos, Somerville, East Stroudsburg and Hackettstown to order these for their landscaping. It’s a good idea to use organic mulches such as wood chips, straw, grass clippings and leaves and these are excellent in every way. Regardless of the type of mulch you choose, it performs a few basic functions:

  • It creates a beautiful setting in your landscape; instead of seeing the bare soil at different spots on your property, you can see these different attractive layers of mulch
  • The simple fact is that plants need moisture in order to grow and stay healthy. When you use mulch on the soil, the latter stays moist for much longer. The mulch that has been spread on your property absorbs water from irrigation & rainfall; it also slows-down the evaporation of the moisture from the soils underneath. In some months, this water retention can also reduce the requirement for more frequent irrigation and it helps you save water.
  • Mulching soil is an excellent way to prevent soil erosion
  • Mulch also acts as an insulating layer on the surface of the soil and ensures the temperature of the soil changes at a much slower pace.
  • Since the mulch prevents the sun’s rays from reaching the soil, it prevents any germinating weeds from growing well and this helps maintain the health of the plantings.

Types of Garden Mulches

We provide a range of mulches such as:

  • Dyed Black Mulch
  • Premium Red mulch
  • Double Ground Hardwood Mulch
  • Premium Dyed Brown Mulch
  • Certified Playground Mulch

The Right Kind of Soil Matters

The kind of soil you use also has a very important role to play in the overall appearance and health of your garden. We provide a comprehensive line of field grade topsoil, compost, screened topsoil etc. We can provide advice on the type of soil you should use, based on the kind of plants, shrubs and trees you are planning to install on your property.

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