Pond Plants

If you have a pond installed on your property, you may also want to adorn it with pond plants. They look spectacular and add to the beauty of your property. We at RC Sons Garden Center carry a wide range of aquatic plants that are ideal for any type of pond. We have provided customers across Bethlehem, Allentown, Phillipsburg, Fullerton and Northampton with tropical water lilies of various varieties.

These will create a stunning look on your property, right through the summer months. There are a number of colors to choose from and they typically are in full bloom from May to September. They are very hardy plants and overwinter very well. In most instances they will also return during the spring and add beauty to your pond.

We ship lily plants with pads and bare roots; depending on the time of the year, they may also have buds on them. Many of our long-time customers in and around Stroudsburg, The Poconos, Somerville, East Stroudsburg, and Hackettstown pick up new plants to add to their existing pond too.

Other Floating Pond Plants

If you are planning on getting a flower pond installed, we can help with that as well. We provide excellent all-round landscaping services in partnership with TinberRock Landscaping. We can provide advice about what the right placement for the pond should be, based on the how the different elements on your property are positioned.

Ideally, a pond should have a certain amount of shade cover as this helps the plants and fish get some respite from the sun’s rays. We will ensure that the waterproofing of the pond is up to the mark and that the right water filtration and aeration kit is added to it. If you want to add some water pebbles or boulders, we can do that too.

High Grade Pond Installation and Pond Plants

We are very particular in the manner in which we handle every pond installation project. The best materials are used in the work and we ensure that you have sturdy and healthy water plants that will last for a number of years. You can choose from different floating pond plants such as Water Lettuce, Frogbit, Hyacinth and Sensitive Plant.

All these are excellent for filtration; they also help control algae growth. Apart from this, if your pond also has Koi fish, the stems and roots of these plants become spawning places for these fish and provide shelter for baby fish.

Pond Plants and More…

As you can see we have a number of products on offer and you can pick and choose from a wide variety of aquatic lilies. When you come to our garden center, you can discuss your specific requirements with our associates and they will provide you the best solutions at a competitive pond plants cost. For more information about our pond plants and other gardening products, call RC Sons Garden Center at 610-252-3830. If you choose to contact us via email, this is the online form to use.

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