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The best way to add the interest quotient to your landscaping is to choose your trees and shrubs with care; and fortunately, there is no dearth of plantings to choose from. When you come to RC Sons Garden Center, you will find a number of different plants and we sell a variety of vegetable and herb seeds, foliage, annuals, perennials, plugs and flowering plants. Our customers from in and around Bethlehem, Allentown, Phillipsburg, Fullerton and Northampton come back to us on a regular basis for all their gardening and landscaping needs.

Why Plant Trees & Shrubs on Your Property?

In fact, we have many repeat customers from around Stroudsburg, The Poconos, Somerville, East Stroudsburg and Hackettstown too. There are a number of benefits to having trees & shrubs on your property:

  • They provide plenty of shade, not just to the outdoor spaces but to large windows of your home structure too. This helps maintain a more comfortable indoor temperature
  • It helps reduce the energy consumption in your home and saves you money on your power bills. We have planted deciduous trees and shrubs for many of our customers, on the west & south sides of their homes. This provides adequate shade in the summer and still allows the sun to gently warm the house during the winter months
  • If you have fruit-bearing trees, you will get bushels of seasonal fruit on an annual basis
  • When you have shade, flowering and fruit trees on your property or even lush deciduous and evergreen shrubs, they add to the value of your property. In fact, a home with planned and well-maintained landscaping will be valued almost 10-15% higher than one without any shade cover
  • The flowering trees on your property add a touch of color to the landscaping in spring and in the summer they will have lush foliage. In fact, they add a dash of color to the outdoor spaces in autumn too.
  • It’s great to have trees on your property as the spaces just below them become the perfect relaxation spots where you can de-stress and spend some leisurely moments.

There are a number of other benefits to having shrubs and trees in your landscaping, but it’s important that you choose them with care. When you come to us, our knowledgeable staff will provide recommendations about the kinds of trees you can pick, based on the amount of space you have and what your personal preferences are.

Wide Variety of Trees to Choose From

We stock a range of trees & shrubs including Azaleas, Blue Atlas Cedar, Boxwood and Cherry as well as Dogwood, Cypress, Hydrangea, Lilac and Magnolia etc. You can go through our impressive tree catalogues and since you buy trees directly from the grower, you are assured of good quality trees at competitive rates.

We have a large number of fast growing trees, ornamental shrubs, perennials and annuals that you can source straight from our well-spread out garden centers. Not only do we deliver these to your doorstep, but can provide planting and landscaping services via our partnership with TimberRock Landscaping.

For healthy trees and shrubs of the best quality, call RC Sons Garden Center at 610-252-3830. If you choose to contact us via email, this is the online form to use.

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